Alluvial Gold (derived from the Latin Alluvium and denoting "to wash against") is typically made up of a variety of materials, including fine particles of silt, clay, larger particles of sand and gravel deposited found beneath the surface at the bottom of a river, creek or stream by flowing water of a river over a long period and thereof forming an alluvial layer.

The word Alluvial describes a type of soil or sediment and the term "Alluvial Gold" specifically refers to gold alluvial found in that type of alluvial layer of soil and river mud. When riverbed soil is scooped up and panned for gold alluvial, it is termed as alluvial gold and is recovered by dredging or panning methods. It usually takes the form of alluvial, powder, granules and or thin flakes of composition. Gold nuhggets are also derived by smelting and consolidation of these forms of alluvial, granules and flakes of different purity levels.

Readily available pure and raw gold alluvial from natural gold ingredients for sale at Pan African Mines SPRLis made to suit requirements of goldsmiths for applications in gold jewelleries, coinage and other ornaments.


Sample images of pure natural fine alluvial gold


Our principle job is to procure precious minerals and metals from Africa. We source our products from Artisanal and large scale miners within the East and Central African region and supply and transport/export to buyers in international destinations – the rest of world i.e. the buyer’s desired destination. We offer value in knowledge. We pride ourselves in learning and researching our market space so as to have the knowledge to inform ourselves and our clients on the current trends and improve our quality of service and efficiency. We build relationships with our clients through excellent communication, transparency and building trust. We continuously inform our clients on current and upcoming products and offers. We have vast experience in the export sector, logistics and in supplying minerals and precious metals. We sell our products to a diverse array of clients requesting different amounts and different products. Learn more about us..

Pan African Mines SPRLis counted among the major exporters and suppliers of gold alluvial based in Nairobi, Kenya. The gold alluvial offered by Pan African Mines SPRLis known for its highest levels of purity with super-fine quality. Gold alluvial stock available at the refinery of Pan African Mines SPRLis capable of meeting the bulk requirements of the clients at competitive prices.


Commodity : Gold
Chemical Element : Aurum Utallum (Au)
Form : Gold Alluvial
Colour : Luster Rich Yellow
Carat : 22.78 k
Purity : 97.05-98.75%
Fineness : 23.8+ carats
Quantity : 200 Kg
Packaging : Metal Boxes
Price : Negotiable
Shipment : CIF/FOB




5-10 Kg as trial shipment followed by 50 Kg monthly or plus, depending on material availability and supplying capability of the seller (Pan African Mines SPRL).

First trial delivery:
Seller’s representative may accompany the goods, and witness until full settlement of payment via bank wire transfer (BWT) is effected.

Within 3 working days via BWT to the seller's bank account, upon issuance of satisfactory assay report from refinery.

Seller’s obligation:
Incurrence of export taxes, freight cost, insurance, and all expenses during exportation to the buyer destination on FOB terms.

Buyer’s obligation:
All duties and applicable taxes, customs clearance, security transport from airport to the refinery is on account of the buyer.


The Seller (Pan African Mines SPRL) does not travel to view gold or discuss sales contracts and all business is conducted only at the refinery secure and protected premise of the seller.

Seller does not demand any kind of payment in advance, before the safe delivery and final assay of the gold at the selected refinery.

If interested, the buyer has to send a Full Corporate Offer (FCO) with prices and specifications of gold alluvial on letterhead of the company signed and stamped.

The seller does not entertain transactions via phone calls as it may lead to misquoting, misunderstanding and or misrepresenting and therefore prefer all correspondence between the buyer and seller to be strictly in writing.

Any other terms and conditions over delivery of buyers don't interest.