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PAN AFRICAN MINES SPRL is a Nairobi Kenya based 100% owned gold mining subsidiary entity of PAN AFRICAN MINES and a fastest growing low cost gold producer of fine gold and supply across the globe.

Pan African Mines SPRL Smelt, Assay, and offer the best price for the gold. Its lab is of world renowned standards and envirenmental friendly. It has a retinue of very experienced and qualified staff.

Pan African Mines SPRL as a rapidly growing entity has the following key attributes for its success.

  • Commitments


     golden-valley-commitments  Buying alluvial gold from small scale miners across Africa.
     golden-valley-commitments  Paying spot cash immediately to the customers.
     golden-valley-commitments  Offering best price across AFRICA regardless of geographical locations.
     golden-valley-commitments  Providing security to the customers, where necessary.
     golden-valley-commitments  Facilitating depots in Nairobi, Kenya and Port (NBO/HKJK).
     golden-valley-commitments  Rendering technical and general advice to small scale miners.

  • Flexibility


    The flexibility attribute of Pan African Mines SPRL is the core base of its success and offer corporate and operational flexibility to take advantage of future potential opportunities. Pan African Mines SPRL is also focused on growth, minimizing operational costs, maintaining a strong asset base, operating in regions with low political risk and conducting business in a responsible manner.

  • Empowerment


    Another key attribute of Pan African Mines SPRL is empowerment as in the process of enhancing the capacity of workforce either individuals or in groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions yielding optimum outcomes. The core idea of this process of empowerment is to improve efficiency and fairness in the organizational context and to govern the use of these assets.

  • Responsibility


    Pan African Mines SPRL operates closely liaising with local communities to create employment opportunities, improve access to education and healthcare, protect the environment and develop infrastructure to partner the community development process. Maximizing the potential of assets, personnel and people enables Pan African Mines SPRL to immensely contribute towards growth and deliver value for all of its stakeholders in turn.


Governance provides the structure through which corporate entities set and pursue their objectives. The governance structure of Pan African Mines SPRL specifies the distribution of responsibilities among different stakeholders (both internal and external) and specifies the rules and procedures for making decisions in corporate affairs.

The corporate governance of Pan African Mines SPRL also being instrumental for formulating and implementing effective internal control measures as part of its strategic planning process to enhance productivity and thereby create value proposition for the entity.

  • Strength


    The strength of Pan African Mines SPRL's governance commitment is based upon the leadership of an experienced Chairman guiding a Board comprised with subject matter experts in the relevant fields. This team also ensures that best industry standards, ethical practices and transparent policies are implemented and monitored throughout the organization.

  • Goals


    The goals of Pan African Mines SPRL are to honour our obligations to local stakeholders and optimize economic results in all our many areas of operation. The management team and Board of Directors are committed to the best principles of corporate governance, delivering results to our shareholders and safeguarding our long-term financial strength.

  • Regulations


    To ensure the company does its utmost to comply with the external regulations that govern Pan African Mines SPRL, the Board of Directors approved Corporate Governance Guidelines to make clear the measures of effective functioning of the Board and its Committees.

  • Etiquette


    Pan African Mines SPRL is committed to delivering responsible, sustainable growth to all stakeholders in a manner that maintains and enhances confidence and trust in our integrity and meets or exceeds industry standards for corporate governance, ethical behaviour and best practices.


The core competencies as unique abilities possessed by Pan African Mines SPRL provide competitive advantage to edge out the competitors as these specific set of skills and production techniques to deliver additional value to its customers could hardly be imitated by any other competitive gold markets.

Pan African Mines SPRL is focused on its core competencies of continuous innovation and develops new technologies and process revitalization to support clients in expanding their gold demand by providing fine quality of gold with customer experienced superior service quality.

  • Advanced Technology


    Being easy access, affordability and being conversant to the highly sophisticated latest equipments and tools in the techno-mining industry enables Pan African Mines SPRL to yield significant gold extractions with ease of efforts and achieve operational excellence.

  • Continuous Innovation


    Continuous innovation techniques applied over gold extraction by the R & D team of the Pan African Mines SPRL involves identifying value opportunities, leveraging talent with core capabilities, coordinating effective development, launch and measure to fine tune further performance efficiency.

  • Geographic Endowment


    As natural endowment, Pan African Mines SPRL is blessed with local community aborigines of Nairobi, Kenya with thorough geographical knowledge to guide gold exploration expeditions with ease and spontaneous deployment with employment opportunities.

  • Process Re-engineering


    Time to time performance analytical review performed by the research and development team enables Pan African Mines SPRL to reset the standardized processes at optimum efficiency levels to return enhanced value propositions over products and services.

  • Customer Intimacy


    Establishment of multiple, meaningful interactive communication channels while maintaining close tabs over customers enables Pan African Mines SPRL to systematically gather customer insights, analyze and reacting by influencing over their buying decisions and rationales yields into customer delights.


Pan African Mines SPRL has clearly defined its strategic commitments in terms of its allegiance to business ethics, the environment, external supplier/contractors welfare, internal employee health and safety and community socio-economic infrastructure developments.

Pan African Mines SPRL’s strategic priorities are ranked by their importance in achieving its strategic goals. It's all subsequent operational or tactical planning and resource allocations are based on strategic priorities and include the following key objectives.

  • Resource Management


    Any manageable resources as being limited in achieving more of its goals by numerous of constraint and Pan African Mines SPRL focus to identify the constraint that adversely affect the efficiency and committed to restructure the rest of the organization.

  • Optimal Liquidity


    Maintaining a steady flow of liquidity or working capital allocation aids and contributes much of decision making strategies. Investment alternatives with rewarding returns are determined only on the availability of free flow of working capital requirements.

  • Operational Excellence


    Striving for operational and service excellence are the key components to gain investor confidence. Pan African Mines SPRL has an excellent track record in this area ever since it started its business in gold production.

  • Continuous Improvement


    Cultivating a culture for continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management enables Pan African Mines SPRL to improve standardized activities and processes and to eliminate waste.

  • Corporate Responsibility


    The success of Pan African Mines SPRL is depends upon its ability to develop resources responsibly and share the benefits of the corporate success with local communities, governments and other stakeholders.