Incorporating Pan African Mines SPRL as an entity is the brainchild idea of Jean-Pierre, the founder of this company with the intension creating employment opportunities by exploiting the cheap labour for a fair pay and utilizing the precious natural resources found elsewhere in the Regions of Africa .

Pan African Mines SPRL was founded in the town of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the latter part of 2002 with few employees and commenced its maiden operation in buying gold dust along the EAST AFRICAN, and selling of gold dust and has subsequently span it wings of operations in gold dredging, mining and establishing many collection depots for gathering gold dusts and deposits as also detailed in the Corporate Profile.

  • Vision


    “To provide the small scale miners one stop shopping, when it comes to providing mining advice, equipment’s and most importantly the best gold price they can get at your door step, we would like to offer small scale gold miners and buyers the same price as East Africa, infusing more money in our customers pocket and minimizing their risks and thereby helping the local economy grow. And also to manufacture the East Africa designed jewelry giving East Africa an image in the world with its own identity.”

  • Mission


    “To establish a solid infrastructural foundation focusing on gold smelting, assaying and buy depots all throughout the country where small scale mining activities are vibrant, while training the small communities in improving their ways of mining and to uplift their standard of living.”

  • Objective


    “To maintain the competitive advantage of being a 100% East Africa owned business in the gold buying, Smelting and assaying in East Africa based in all centers in East Africa, serving and paying local miners and buyers with the best ever price and service second to none.”

  • Slogan


    “Better East Africa tomorrow begins today.”


Pan African Mines SPRL is determined to ensure that it has the place to work in every region by ensuring optimal working conditions and development opportunities in return for the employees’ motivation and loyalty, ensuring confident of the workers safety and the safety of their colleagues at the workplace and acknowledging and rewarding for their essential contribution to value creation.

  • Skills Development


    The provision of competitive training and development is instrumental in terms of ensuring the employees to operate safely and generate exceptional value, supporting the long-term sustainability of the ongoing business and to attract and retain the best talent in a competitive global labour market. Pan African Mines SPRL has designed its training programme within its corporate culture to compulsorily train different caliber of employees beyond their scope of work and update their knowledge in line with the largest technological know-how as a learning curve.

  • Skill Retention


    Skills retention continues to represent a key challenge is not only specific to Pan African Mines SPRL, but is a global, sector-wide issue. Indeed skills shortage comes second only to resource constraints. To address this issue Pan African Mines SPRL has taken initiatives to ensure remuneration and other benefits packages remains fully competitive with regions of peers, identify core and critical skills so that we apply well-targeted management measures, implement a formal Talent Management programme linked to employee development and carryout workplace ‘climate surveys’ to inform related human resource action plans.

  • Health Wellbeing


    Pan African Mines SPRL is committed to delivering the kind of workplace and working practices that are conducive to the long-term, holistic wellbeing of its employees to get motivated and yield a productive workforce. This is the driver behind the program initiatives for occupational health scanning, measures to individual safety behaviour, lifestyle enhancements (including accommodation, nutrition, sport and recreation) and general education and development.

  • Shared Values


    Pan African Mines SPRL’s main aim is to be the most trusted and valued mining partner for key stakeholders wherever it operates or plans to operate. This means establishing, maintaining and monitoring strong relationships with the employees, communities, governments and other groups. It also means ensuring that these relationships are sustainable, by building them upon the ongoing creation of mutually beneficial shared value by declaring dividends to employees, free health care plans and safety insurance, accidental indemnity, ensuring holidays with pay and plans for encashment of holidays worked.


Pan African Mines SPRL defines its commitment to business ethics, the environment, employee health and safety, and community development. Pan African Mines SPRL conducts itself with the highest degree of self imposed ethical disciplines and have strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

  • Employment Opportunity


    Pan African Mines SPRL offer employments opportunities around the mining and the dredging areas with staff welfare facilities in addition.

  • Infrastructure Development


    Around the mining areas and dredging centres, Pan African Mines SPRL facilitates basic infrastructure facilities for road accessibility, children’s education and fair pay for the gold dust to bring sustainable economic well-being to people in the region.

  • Environment Conservation


    Pan African Mines SPRL operates its mining activities only after having consulted with the environmental experts and being mindful of causing any disturbance to the surrounding ecology.


Pan African Mines SPRL has a well designed Corporate Hierarchy that consist of functional level managers assigned with different tasks and delegated authority in their respective field of exposure along with the respective staff assigned beneath to execute the tasks in the same vein.




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