Pan African Mines SPRL is duty bound to fulfill its obligations as a responsible corporate entity ensuring promissory deliverables to its stakeholders, employees, their dependents, communities and most importantly to the deserving natural environment. Pan African Mines SPRL also believes that it has both a moral and a business imperative to set precedence in the corporate world.

  • Business Strategy


    Pan African Mines SPRL’s business strategy on sustainability is to focus on optimum stakeholder value under a disciplined resource allocation framework to guide decision-making.

  • Value Proposition


    The sustainability or the capacity to endure is crucial for developing the core values and systems of Pan African Mines SPRL, as it strongly believes that in the absence of sensitive operating systems it is impossible to create core values and carryover the propositional benefits to the society.

  • Sustainability Concern


    Sustainability of Pan African Mines SPRL focuses every facet of the business including workers' safety & health, community relationships, human rights, environment and managing of resources under constraint.


Pan African Mines SPRL has designed and organised community development programs at each operational site and our community relations team is responsible for building and maintaining close relationships with the local community and relevant stakeholders.

  • Stakeholder Relations


    Effective stakeholder engagement throughout mining is the key to establish and maintain community support for the entity’s operations. Pan African Mines SPRL believes the incessant dialogue with community stakeholders remains one of the most effective tools for business development.

  • Social Impact Assessments


    A key objective of Pan African Mines SPRL’s community engagement and sustainable development programs is to understand the community’s social behaviour and life patterns of regions where it operates, and to identify potential impacts to cause during mining operations. By developing a consultation plan assists addressing the specific needs, concerns and characteristics of such communities.

  • Community Development


    Mining can make a significant contribution to poverty alleviation and the communities around are still in need clean water, food, health care, sheltering and education. Pan African Mines SPRL recognizes its responsibility to assist the host communities in improving quality of life in areas where it has the capacity and ability to do so.

  • Sharing Benefits


    Pan African Mines SPRL’s sustainable development programs typically contribute to educational and health service improvements in communities around our mining operations and the preliminary assessment on social impacts assist to identify and address these issues.


Pan African Mines SPRL strives to minimize its environmental footprint at work with sound environmental management and continuous improvement in the environmental performance at each of its operations and development projects as its priority. The management of Pan African Mines SPRL consists of personnel with expertise in the respective filed of their assignments is serious about steering through the environment with no hazardous consequence or zero impacts.

  • Underground Mining


    Ensure that the adjoining structures are not harmed and the landscape, natural environment and the ecology system is no way threatened nor affected adversely while mining operations take place underground.

  • Energy Consumption


    Ensure lower energy consumption levels are monitored, controlled and maintained at every phase of mining operations as consumption of excessive energy power not only destabilize the ongoing concern of the entity, but also immensely contribute to global warming and other undesirable environment consequences.

  • Waste Management


    Ensure proper waste management system is enforced to prevent waste rejection at high energy downstream at every excavation stage of mining and recycled waste is released to the environment without causing any negative impacts to the masses by all best possible means.

  • Pollution Control


    Ensure every protective mechanism is enforced and system controls are effected with regard to pollution caused due to noise, effluents, waste, air emission and usage of hazardous toxic substance during pre-mining and post-mining.

  • Recycling and Reuse


    Pan African Mines SPRL environmental perception is material conservation that leads to recycling and reuse of materials at every possible phase of the operations. A variety of materials are recycled, depending on the recycling facilities available near each location that include scrap metals, rubber products, wooden pallets, waste oil and paper products. Re-use programs.


Pan African Mines SPRL places people first as its core value. Health and safety of stakeholders are one of its priority concerns that mainly target of its employees, partners, contractors, suppliers and in the communities in which the operation takes place. Throughout the organization Pan African Mines SPRL is committed to achieving excellence in health and safety performance, and to everyone returning home safe and healthy every day.

Pan African Mines SPRL is also committed to achieving a zero-incident work environment with a strong safety culture based on teamwork and safety leadership as it believes nothing is more important than the safety, health and well-being of co-workers and their dependents. Pan African Mines SPRL is on trail to ensure a safe workplace and facilitates a learning culture to be in utmost safety while being at work.

Pan African Mines SPRL maintains an over-arching framework to preserve the health and protect the safety of all workers at all locations and the management system compliance is required of all personnel to lean on five pillars.

  • Health and Wellness


    Poor health increases safety risk, so Pan African Mines SPRL monitors all sites to ensure they are meeting industrial hygiene standards, including regulations on dust, noise control, and ergonomics.

  • Incident Investigation


    Every incident is investigated and the root cause of the incident is established to prevent any such future events and occurrences.

  • Emergency Preparedness


    Pan African Mines SPRL emergency teams receive special training on rescue, illness, fire, chemical release, natural disasters, terrorist activity and various other potential emergencies. Each site has people and supplies in place, with teams practiced in implementing an emergency response plan.

  • Training and Competence


    Pan African Mines SPRL ensures that every employee has training to obtain the skills and knowledge to perform a safety assignment and it provides employees, contractors, and visitors with orientation and time to time refresher courses to reinforce the safety culture.

  • Contractor Controls


    Contractors and suppliers of Pan African Mines SPRL is compelled to implement high safety standards as of the company's own employees. Its safety record is an important factor in contractor selection and the safety performance is continued to be monitored throughout the contracts.